Concert Formats

Are you looking for a musical event for your church?  Check out Billy & Cassie's concert options below.  They are also available as worship leaders for your special church services, conferences and camps.  Click here for contact information.

Church Concert

This concert is a blend of worship songs and Billy & Cassie’s original music.  It features Billy’s “infamous” interactive “Jesus Loves Me” where he lets the audience choose different musical styles for him to sing the song.  With testimonies of God’s grace mixed in, your church will be inspired to worship and challenged to walk more closely with God.

Amazing Adventure Family Concert
This concert features songs from Billy & Cassie’s children’s CD, the “Amazing Adventure”.  These songs will take you on a journey through the entire Bible…teaching the books of the Old & New Testament  as well as the content of the books.  With many interactive moments, learning the Bible has never been so musically fun!

What’s Love? Outreach Concert
If you’re a church leader looking for a great way to present the gospel to people in your community, this is the concert for you.  This unique & fun event uses love songs familiar to an unchurched audience, along with other interactive elements, to explore the subject of love.  For more details, click here to visit the "What’s Love? Concert" site.

HOPE Christmas Concert
If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate the Christmas season, Billy & Cassie have teamed up with family comedian, Scott Davis, for a special Christmas concert.  With music from their Christmas CD, “You Stepped Down From Glory” and Scott’s holiday humor, you will laugh, sing and worshp our “newborn” King.  For more details, click here to visit the “HOPE Christmas Concert” site.

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